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One True Place

Click for larger image.Author: Margaret P. Cunningham
ISBN: 978-1-934912-27-0
Price: $16.95 paperback
Price: $4.95 ebook
Pages: 258 paperback


The path to True's love ...
Never did run smooth

When True Cowley’s golf-obsessed husband drops dead and his duplicity comes to light, she’s left emotionally and financially drained. True takes advantage of a free burial plot in her birthplace—a southern coastal town she’s spent a lifetime avoiding. She’s soon immersed in a riddle of secrets and memories of the antebellum house known as Oak View.

The very mysterious, very handsome Jackson Bean knows a funeral certainly isn’t the best place to notice a beautiful woman—particularly when that woman is the widow. When True becomes a tenant in his rental home, the two join forces in shedding light on those shadowy secrets—and find there’s a lot more to their relationship than partners-in-crime-solving.

Reviews and Other Information:

ONE TRUE PLACE by Margaret P. Cunningham
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"I enjoyed this story tremendously. True Cowley is a flawed but loveable character who I could sympathize with and cheer for with each turn of the page. I loved the interaction between her and Jackson and the way the romance developed slowly and sweetly. I also enjoyed the touching relationship True shared with her grandchildren. Having also enjoyed the author’s debut novel, LILY IN BLOOM, I was excited to return to southern Alabama and reconnect with some of the characters from that first book. The author’s skillful descriptions, both of people and setting, seemed to transport me into this charming village filled with unusual people and beautiful flora.

Margaret Cunningham writes with humor and grace, weaving a tale that is filled with romance and surprises. ONE TRUE PLACE offers its readers so many things — romance, mystery, and a lovely story of a woman’s quest to reconcile herself with her past. I recommend this story to anyone who enjoys a light, humorous, Southern love story."
Working Girl Reviews

"There is something about ONE TRUE PLACE that gives the reader a tranquil and calm feeling. Ms. Cunningham writes with a tone of voice that gives you the feeling of lazy walks in town and days gone by, where everyone knew everyone and helping out when someone was in need was the norm. Though the main characters were certainly interesting, it was some of the lesser roles that kept me intrigued. I thought the bizarre happenings at Oak View house added to this unique tale."
Coffee Time Romance

"ONE TRUE PLACE has all the comfort of enjoying a lazy afternoon rocking on the front porch while sipping ice-cold lemonade.  Margaret Cunningham pens a story with all the familiarity of a small town in the South, and along with it, all the folks that make it charming.  Her secondary characters were lovable and painted the mood of this light mystery."
Romance in the Backseat

"Beguiling, winsome, and refreshing ONE TRUE PLACE begins in a somber place but quickly moves to a place full of eccentric and secretive characters loaded with flaws and foibles that make the third phase of True Cowley’s life an eye-opening adventure. Her endeavors to make a living while grieving for a dead husband that left almost as many debts as he left assets gets disrupted by all sorts of entertaining and intriguing happenings in the Alabama town of Belle Hill where she has lived until she was four years old. After having lived the life of a rich man’s wife for almost three decades in a ritzy community of Florida, True experiences some culture shock but finds herself acclimating with remarkable ease in the unique Belle Hill... Margaret P. Cunningham’s descriptions of places and feelings are exquisite. Her character development makes them vibrant and so life-like. Many of the secondary characters make ONE TRUE PLACE simmer, sizzle, and boil with action... Margaret P. Cunningham weaves many attention-getting characters into ONE TRUE PLACE as she creates a story that is super entertaining while she unravels True’s past and nudges her into a future full of love that promises to protect and fulfill her deepest longings. A GREAT STORY!"
Long & Short Reviews