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Whispers in her Heart

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Author: Ryan Jo Summers
ISBN: 978-1-934912-50-8
Price: $14.95 paperback
Price: $4.95 ebook
Pages: 202 paperback


She had a mystical reputation …

Third-generation horse trainer, Season Moriarty, has just taken on the impossible. Hired by the gorgeous yet notoriously difficult Ty Masters to transform his wild colt into a legendary racehorse, she comes face to face with a threat to the horses that puts even her special gifts to the test. As it turns out, the whispers in her heart do indeed carry a bit of the mystical—along with a warning.

… But what they had between them was pure magic.

Ty Masters, owner of the world-renowned Heritage Farms, has turned out more than one champion in his time. Now so much of his financial future rests on the colt, Sky Hunter—just as so much of Sky Hunter’s future rests in the hands of Season Moriarty. Has Ty been wrong to trust her? Something about her seems almost spooky—and so lovely that she has his heart racing faster than the horses.


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