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Professional Publishing Design & Print Services

Let's face it. Our book covers and interiors rock! We're asked almost weekly if we'll accept money "just this once" to publish a book. As a traditional publishing house, the money flows from us to the author - not the other way around. We also have a very selective acquisitions process.

So we're responding to self-publishing demand in a different way than other traditional publishers. We have access to a fabulous pool of talented editing, design and layout professionals. We're now making their talent available on a project-by-project basis to customers who simply need design and print services, but don't want to sign on with a vanity press.

What do we offer? Click here: Service and Price List.

Please note:

  • Potential and present Black Lyon authors will in no way be referred to our design and print services. We believe this would be unethical. We look at these services as separate "extras" suited to an entirely different client base.

  • We do not place our ISBN numbers or company name on any printed materials contracted and executed as a design/print service. These books/materials are not Black Lyon Publishing titles.