literary fiction


by Margaret P. Cunningham

Deep in the Alabama woods sits Primm House, straight out of fairy tales and the heart of a child. Now an adult, Franny Primm looks back, unweaving the threads of a certain summer in this southern coming-of-age tale.

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by Eryn LaPlant

Hidden from Julianne’s children is a journal containing the personal story of her time as a journalist in Vietnam. Mixed among her tale of war and of being the only female in Camp Dakota’s troop of Marines, is the history of her relationship with Sgt. Mack Roberts, son of a WWII sailor and Japanese woman. Both are outsiders in a sense—bound together by love, torn apart by war.


by Thomma Lyn Grindstaff

Free spirit Aphra Porter never thought Isaac Lightfoot would remember her, but he does—and the encounter leaves her spinning. A critically acclaimed author and Vietnam war hero, Isaac is about to learn that leaving the past behind and building a new life can be the toughest battle of all.


by John Foley

After a bear attack, Sean Mulaney awakens with a veil over his memories. Erin is the name he whispers in his sleep. Who is the woman who clings to the edges of his mind? Why isn't she at his bedside? In the midst of his recovery, the greatest survival story of all might be that of a love lost years earlier—a love destined to be again.

by Christina Britton Conroy

A whirlwind of lust and energy, famous composer Eric Ries offers up seduction and excitement until Jenna’s passion for music is thoroughly entwined with her obsession for him. In Josh Kendal, she catches a glimpse of depth and sincerity—and is torn between the temptations that have shaped her life and the kind of love she’s never had.


by M. Jean Pike

Orphaned and impoverished, Gray Baldwin is a lost soul in search of a home, a life and most of all - love. Spoiled party girl, Hope Hanwell, has a past to reconcile and a few tragic secrets of her own. Theirs is a story of struggle, heartbreak, redemption and fate.