a place to land

Click for large image. Photo by Dawsonphotography.com. Cover model Steve Bronson.

Author: Mary Vine
ISBN: 978-1-934912-22-5
Price: $12.95 paperback
Pages: 176 paperback

She isn’t afraid of the big, bad wolf.
But he’s a little concerned about her.

When Uli’s impoverished family left Russia for America, she was only ten years old. From that point on, she’s been determined to make the American dream hers. When Headline Magazine offers the perfect story with which to launch her new writing career, Uli travels across Oregon to find out exactly how wolf and cowboy mix. As she finds her spirit guide in the wolf and her soul mate in the cattle rancher, a mysterious danger seems bent on finding her.

Movie-star handsome, Jackson Holt owns one of the largest ranches in eastern Oregon and like most ranchers, is none too happy with wolves crossing over the Idaho border near his livestock. The last thing he needs is a semi-environmentalist, journalist wannabe dogging his footsteps. Sure, Uli may be bright and sexy, but her need to prove herself and help her family threaten to lead her into the kind of harm he can’t protect her from—when all he wants to give her is … a place to land.

Reviews and Other Information:

"A PLACE TO LAND is a thoroughly enchanting story. It has a mixture of romance, intrigue and wonderful characterization for the story to flow at a good pace. I loved the robust characters of Uli and Jackson, as well as the premise of the storyline. It was interesting watching Uli trying to develop her own style when coming to America. Mary Vine spins a story that is beautifully told, wonderfully composed and keeps the reader turning the pages. I love how she tells the story of the wolves. The reader gets a great visual view of the landscape, the wolves and the true beauty in this magnificent read."
Coffee Time Romance

"Mary Vine slips in a surprising twist near the end of the story that really puts the icing on the cake. It also wraps up loose ends very neatly and clears the way for Ulianna to know she has a safe place to land where she is loved, welcomed and appreciated with lots of fringe benefits like the special love of the man she loves with all her heart."
Long & Short Reviews

"This wonderful romance held my interest from the first word to the last. The author has a way of describing the surroundings so you feel you could drive out there and find the place. You see the gorgeous scenery, the sprawling ranch, and the two cowboys who work for Jackson and who watch out for her... A delightful, poignant read. I'll be looking for more from this author."
The Romance Studio

"Mary Vine has a knack for combining suspense with romance. When Ulianne arrives in a small Eastern Oregon town to interview ranchers, hunters, environmentalists and Native Americans about the impact of wolves migrating into the area from Idaho, she thought the worst case scenario was having a bunch of doors slammed in her face. Unfortunately, she didn't consider that her writing job with a glossy tabloid would put her life in danger. She also didn't anticipate having to question what she plans to do with her life or how she fits that life into her Russian immigrant family. She's always thought that it was her responsibility to bring her family into their new life and to help them financially. Falling in love with the handsome cowboy, Jackson Holt, complicates everything she's ever thought her life was about.

I loved watching Uli stretching and learning and becoming her own person separate from her family. It was interesting to see Jackson's frustration as he struggled to not only let Uli grow and change, but hope that he was figuring into her rapidly developing goals for her future... A PLACE TO LANDlands well in the beautiful scenery of Eastern Oregon as well as in the heart of the reader. Happy reading,"
The Night Owl Romance Reviews Staff

"Love Jackson - I mean who wouldn't love a sexy as hell cowboy (sigh), but I also love his heart and soul. Uli is special - she wants the American dream but also dreams of having her own life and making her own choices. I thought the author wrote Uli's part perfectly; she's trying to "save" her family and make their lives better but lost her true nature along with her fight."
Up all Night, Read all Day Reviews