the girl with flowers in her hair

Author: Frances DeleCourt Winters
ISBN: 978-1-934912-80-5
Price: $13.95 paperback
Pages: 182 paperback

*Also available as an audio book at Audible, Amazon and iTunes*

Lorelei’s cupcakes aren’t just
ordinary cupcakes...

Quirky Lorelei Bradley knows what lonely hearts crave—hers being the loneliest heart of all. When she arrives in town, no one is prepared for what she has in store. Luxurious and alluring to the point of being nearly magical, Lorelei’s confections lead her straight out of despair and into very her own bakery by the sea. The problem is, she’s a woman on the run.

... they’re the cure for empty hearts and broken dreams.

Cobweb Corners, New Hampshire has only a few police officers—one being handsome Chase Harris. But Chase is surprised when the only thing more interesting than Sea Salt Caramel or Madagascar Vanilla and Honey is their mysterious and entrancing creator. With a bag of stolen cash under Lorelei’s bed and a few illegal trespassing incidents under her belt, will he wind up arresting her, or will she whisk her way into his broken heart? What is her secret anyway?

Reviews and Other Information:

"Lorelei Bradley is a unique and magical heroine as entrancing as the cupcakes she bakes. With a delicious plot … surprisingly funny as well."
- Christopher Durang, Tony Award-winning playwright