love's road home

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Author: Lisa Lewis
ISBN: 978-1-934912-25-6
Price: $13.95 paperback
Pages: 182 paperback

She wanted to settle down.
But he was on his way up …

A normal life? Bethany Miller has no idea what that is, but she wants it. After spending too much time on an ex-boyfriend only interested in pinning his crimes on her, she accepts a loathsome roadie job from her road manager father. Still running from her chaotic past, she meets an altogether new thing to avoid—a gorgeous brown-eyed man who seems about as far from “normal” as she can imagine.

Teetering on the edge of stardom, guitarist Tom Crowley makes music his number one priority now that his band’s first major tour is underway. So why is more and more of his attention sidetracked by his less than friendly crew member? Can’t a love life coexist with a life on the road? When Beth’s vengeful ex escapes police custody, Tom’s protective nature and attraction know no bounds—if only he can get Beth to stop running.

Reviews and Other Information:

"LOVE'S ROAD HOME is an upbeat romance full of fun characters, clear descriptions and realistic dialogue. If you like rock and roll love stories, this book is for you."
Working Girl Reviews

"I truly enjoyed reading LOVE'S ROAD HOME. Lisa Lewis's characters were well-rounded and unforgettable. I look forward to reading more from this new and talented writer who knows how to incorporate refreshing
twists to her plots."
Author Roberta C.M. DeCaprio

"For Beth Miller and country rocker Tom Crowley, the road to romance is paved with complications. A criminal ex-lover who holds a grudge and a fan with a dangerous obsession are just two of the roadblocks standing in their way. In LOVE'S ROAD HOME, Lisa Lewis takes us on the road with the band, skillfully guiding us through dangerous detours along the way and a romance as hot and sexy as the music they play."
Author Linda Bleser

"Not only did I get a true impression of Tom and Beth’s characters and the love and care flourishing between them, but Ms. Lewis was able to maintain the sexual tension between them until the very end. The action stops being a walk through the park and becomes rushed and exciting. Toward the end of the book I was feeling happy for the characters and wishing for my next concert to roll along."
Long & Short Review