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A Love Reborn

A Love Reborn


Thousands of years ago at the base of the Oweinat Mountains, the warrior Queen Byrgamon and Prince Kedare came together in a time of diplomacy. But their peace was to be short-lived. Crazed with a lust for power, Kedare’s rival for the Queen’s affection, Bahk-ir, was not to be thwarted. Beneath the howl of the wind and a swirl of desert sand, Bahk-ir set a curse in motion that no one could have foreseen. And so it all began …


The return of an old love. Two men from the past. Deceit. At her desk in California, archeologist Phoenix Donovan scoffs at the mysterious warnings given to her by a psychic during a tarot card reading. But when she receives an envelope marked with the Feather of Maat and a visit from Egyptian national, Asa Ducaine, Phoenix accepts the job of a lifetime near Egypt at a pristine site dating back to 8,000 B.C.E.—and the words of the psychic begin to ring true.


After ten days in a coma, Max Parrish awakens with memories of a past life and a woman he has to find at all cost. Driven beyond reason to the sands of northern Africa, he comes face to face with a love he couldn’t have imagined, along with a dark and deadly magic that could destroy more than just their lives.

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    210 pages. Paperback.


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    Dana Lyons

  • ISBN

    978-1-934912-52-2 paperback


    "...a classic read. Lyons has written yet again another wonderful book, which is at times exciting, cheerful and sad while never sliding into sappy or melodramatic, which a lesser writer could have easily done. Her prose is tight and never dull. She manages to take hold of the reader on page one and propels her forward as if on a rocket for the next 200 pages. If you’re looking for good read to curl up on a rainy day, this one may be perfect for you."
    Rapid River Magazine

    "This reader has been truly transported into the past with an atmosphere of danger, love and adventure. The story is engaging with interesting facts of the past and the present. The characters are endearing, and the evil Bahki Slash Asa is indeed a most evil person. A LOVE REBORN is positively a read that captivates and allows the reader to jump right in on the journey. Ms. Lyons tells a story filled not only with suspense, but has also a touch of warmth and romance that reaches into the heart."
    Coffee Time Romance

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