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The Chocolate Heiress

The Chocolate Heiress


Who exactly is Zoe Jones?

Full of life. Unpredictable. Supermodel looks. Zoe is a far stretch from anybody’s idea of a typical anything, and much too “big city” for the small town of Grand River. She’s also developed a fondness for Martin that just might rival chocolate, and for the first time in her life she feels as if she really belongs somewhere. Well, sort of!


Once married to Zoe’s old college roommate, Martin O’Neil has a little dilemma on his hands. See, Zoe is his daughter’s favorite person and the one woman on the planet who makes his own heart turn flips. Is taking advantage of a case of temporary amnesia a dirty trick or an absolute necessity? Either way, he just might be the one in for one dangerously sweet surprise.

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    168 pages. Paperback.


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    Shari Thayn

  • ISBN

    978-1-934912-04-1 paperback


    "I read the first line of the blurb and knew this was a book I wanted to read. A love story that features chocolate with a twist - who could pass this up? I couldn’t and was glad I didn’t. Zoe/ Mary Ann as the heroine stole my heart from the beginning. She is multidimensional to the extreme. Her quick wit was my favorite endearing quality. The love of chocolate was a close second. Zoe has some personal self growth/realizations to make but overall she is very sound character. Martin is a wonderful counterpart to Zoe. I have no trouble believing this couple will have a lifetime of happily ever after. Martin is serious about most things, including the love for his daughter, Riley. The father/daughter relationship was key to the story and Martin’s character. Zoe’s family tree gives truth to the saying ‘a tree full of nuts.’ And they are funny nuts. This doesn’t necessarily make them nice but they aren’t cruel just not nice all the time. They keep the plot moving and fresh. Martin and Zoe’s story is heartwarming and funny. The plot is filled with twist and turns most of which are light hearted and funny. I enjoyed reading a romance with a suspense side story that was dark and twisted. I had to try the recipe at the back of the book for Zoe’s brownies - FABULOUS! So not only did I get a great read but brownies, too - a good day."
    Long & Short Reviews


    "...a heartwarming tale of acceptance and love... the entire book is written in a fresh new perspective. The characters are well developed and are very real. The ending even has a few fascinating twists that you aren’t expecting. Thayn creates a solid love story that will keep readers turning pages!"
    Manic Readers


    "Shari Thayn has written an exceptional story about lover wannabes who get a chance to act on their dreams ... Ms. Thayn paints such a bright story of romance, love and people who have had very little love in their life finding one another. The fact that both characters are so much in lust but neither seems to recognize it is well done and fun. Martin’s daughter Riley is a great addition to the story, helping to show Zoe early on as a warm, caring person. Even if she’s being hunted. Even if the town thinks she’s a little weird and has a much different picture of her than the reality. The author gives Zoe a temporary amnesia after her accident that gives the story more flavor as she searches for the last year in her life. The ending is a pièce de résistance. This whole tale mixes mystery, suspense, passion, love, fun, surprises and the whole gamut of things that make romance fun to read."
    The Romance Studio


    "Zoe and Martin's love story is complicated and tricky at times, but always interesting. Her family is bizarre to say the least and the twists and turns in that part of the plot make the story even more enjoyable. This is one great story."
    Coffee Time Romance


    "5 Stars. THE CHOCOLATE HEIRESS is a wonderfully fun blend of mystery, suspense, misunderstandings, amnesia, and above all else love..."
    Kasey's View

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