true crime

By Maureen Boyle

The Murder of Police Chief Greg Adams
and the Hunt for His Killer

Police Chief Greg Adams was out on patrol. Christmas was coming to Saxonburg, Pennsylvania—a quaint borough of just 1,300—in three short weeks. He was only a block and a half from the Police Department, and this was just an average traffic stop.

Until it wasn’t.

Moments later, he would lay dying in a pool of his own blood on that white winter snow, while his killer vanished like an apparition into thin air.

By J. E. McComb

12 Murder Cases that Rocked Oregon's Capital City

Salem, Oregon: A nice place to raise your family.
At least that’s what people say.

A dozen murderers. 74 victims. Some of Oregon’s most brutal crimes have occurred in the Cherry City—but then, every town has its dark side, doesn’t it? This book explores some of the area’s most sensational crimes, including serial killers, desperados, a filicide, a battered wife, a mass poisoning, and much more from 1902 through the 1980s.

By C. J. Wynn


Loves, Lies and Murder in North Dakota  

Angila was stabbed 44 times. THIS was personal.

On a November morning in 2015, Christopher Jackson waited for his fiancée, Angila Wilder, to pick him up from work as she always did. But this time, she didn’t show—and Christopher’s calls went unanswered. The police found what looked like a scene from a horror movie at their home. The backdoor kicked in. A bedroom splattered with blood. And a pregnant young woman violently stabbed to death.

After four years of lies and deceit, the real story would shock a community to its very core …  

By Steven B. Epstein

The Shocking True Story Surrounding the Disappearance of Mike Williams

Did Mike accidentally drown in a Florida lake?
Or was his disappearance the result of a sinister plot to kill him?

The crisp, predawn hours of December 16, 2000, began much as they had many Saturdays for avid duck hunter Mike Williams—on Lake Seminole. The Florida State grad was juggling fatherhood with a thriving real estate appraisal career during the week. And that very evening? He and his high school sweetheart, Denise, planned to celebrate their sixth wedding anniversary. But Mike Williams never returned home.

By Steven B. Epstein

The True Story of the Michelle Young Murder Case

Was Jason the monster who bludgeoned his beautiful wife to death, leaving his toddler alone for hours to walk through her blood? If so—would he get away with it?

To the outside world, Jason and Michelle Young lived a storybook life—an attractive couple with great jobs, a beautiful home, a precocious two-year-old daughter, and a baby boy on the way. Soon after the 29-year-old pregnant mother’s brutally beaten body was discovered on their bedroom floor, a very different picture emerged.