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All the Broken Places

All the Broken Places


Sometimes the happiest “happily ever after”
is learning to love yourself.


School teacher Monica Humphrey is dangerously close to becoming the proverbial cat lady. Abandoned by her father after her mother’s death, she’s an adult now—alone with her fears, hazy impressions of childhood, and an abundance of food to fill the void inside.


Except for when it doesn’t.


An accident one lonely Friday night becomes the catalyst for emotional growth and physical transformation, and the doorway to love opens first in the form of a grocery store manager, and then in a little girl in need of a home.


Relationships, like water, she soon finds, seek their own level—and Monica Humphrey is rising up.

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    244 pages. Paperback.


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    “… I truly give kudos to the author for reaching deep within and writing this story. It's the kind of story that I hope to write some day. It gave me comfort to know that I was not alone in my experience. I already knew that intellectually, but I really felt it while reading this. I hope others who have dealt with a parent with Alzheimer's can read this and find comfort in it. And those who have not had that experience perhaps can find a new level of sympathy for friends going through this. Thank you to the author for writing this.”
    Andi’s Book Reviews


    “A beautifully written book that captures the life of Alzheimer’s and those it has affected ....” 
    Hurn Publications


    "A moving account ... inspires caregivers with one family’s realistic portrayal of caregiving for a person with dementia. The story provides an adventurous escape."
    The Caregiver's Voice Book Reviews


    M. Jean Pike

  • ISBN

    978-1-934912-87-4 paperback

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