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Carolina Hurricane

Carolina Hurricane


A love off limits.
A storm they can't fight.

Haunted. Handsome. Alone. Following a bitter divorce, professor Jordan Eversole has thrown himself into his teaching—and into restoring the rambling old Carolina plantation house in which he lives.

Independent. Lovely. Determined. At twenty-one years of age, Sweetwater College student, Amanda Whitmore, is an old soul with a capacity for insight and devotion far beyond her years.

The two are about to collide.

Caught together in the plantation house by a category four hurricane, Amanda and Jordan fight the winds and their growing love for one another, caught by a storm that seems destined to push them together … no matter the cost.

SKU: 9781934912010

    152 pages. Paperback.


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    Shannon Dauphin

  • ISBN

    978-1-934912-01-0 paperback


    "There’s a lot going on beneath the surface of this novel. Essentially, it’s a story about freedom and choice... It’s also about expectation. The May-December relationship isn’t one they leap into without due thought, but judgement from the people around them is quick to come. Ms Dauphin handles these issues with a deft touch, making the events that follow seem believable. There’s a comforting quality about the story. Jordan and Amanda seem like real people, their actions detailed. The minutiae of their lives stands in opposition to the growing storm – control vs unpredictable nature. Later there’s the comparison between the real storm that brings them together and the storm caused by Katie that threatens to drive them apart... A lovely, heart-warming sweet romance."
    Cocktail Reviews


    "This is such a sweet romance, a simple story of two people who are so different yet find a common bond called love. Ms. Dauphin has written exceptional characters who are very likeable and their story is sweet and tender. CAROLINA HURRICANE is a book you will want to read and recommend to a friend when you are done."
    Coffee Time Romance


    "...a tender and heart-warming love story.  Ms. Dauphin's story of forbidden love between an older professor and his much younger student and the sacrifices they made to stay together was very refreshing."
    Simply Romance Reviews


    "It is refreshing to find a book that has honest-to-God people in it. Jordan and Amanda are there, warts and all, acting just like two lovers would in a real life May-September relationship. (Though this is more like a February-November match.) Both possess foibles, faults and courage which make them human—like the rest of us. This is a sweet love story with some incredibly bitter moments and a largely believable HEA."
    Manic Readers


    "I don't always care for May-December themes but CAROLINA HURRICANE is heartwarming and thoroughly romantic and I enjoyed the pleasant surprise...The results of the [characters'] actions are poignant and real, and I was blown away by the emotions conveyed. A feel-good, sweet and tender romance, I enthusiastically recommend CAROLINA HURRICANE. "
    Long & Short Reviews


    "CAROLINA HURRICANE is perfect in every aspect. From the drama to the passion and romance, I was hooked from the very first sentence. Shannon Dauphin took me on a whirlwind (excuse the pun) adventure and showed me a wonderful couple who deserved a real chance at love. Jordan is the epitome of a gentleman. He tries his absolute hardest to resist the young woman he feels responsible for, but at the same time, he's so drawn to her he finds himself a goner. Amanda is a mix of emotions. She's dealing with a troubled mother, school, her attraction to her professor and all sorts of other minor things that add up, plus a hurricane running through their town... I think Shannon Dauphin did a beautifully brilliant job with CAROLINA HURRICANE and I have to tell you, this is a do not miss book. You will be recommending it to all of your friends!"
    Dark Angel Reviews

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