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Frankie's Heart

Frankie's Heart


Thank You, God. For rivers in the desert.
For this man, and this moment,
and for new beginnings,
 she prayed.


Recently widowed, Frankie Bonetti bought an unloved fixer-upper house that spoke to her heart, asking for a second chance. And Frankie’s heart said yes.


Now her heart is saying yes to a once-in-a-lifetime love.


Tracy Johanson also knows the pain of loss on several levels. A genius with woodwork, he’s good at nearly everything except forgiving himself. With Tracy’s head at war with his heart, God is about to step in, and through Frankie, guide him onto a new path, a new future, and a blessed reconciliation with his estranged son in the most destined of ways ...

SKU: 9781934912843

    226 pages. Paperback.


    No refunds or returns once order is processed with the exception of damaged products.


    Ships within 3 days.


    M. Jean Pike

  • ISBN

    978-1-934912-84-3 paperback


    "This beautiful story starts out with a beautiful cover. I was taken in by the cover before I ever read anything about the story-line. This is my first exposure to Jean Pike, and I love her. She writes such a heartwarming and at the same time, a heartbreaking, sweet love story. There are so many wonderfully complex characters. I loved this story and all of the characters. I could not put it down. Jean Pike is such an incredible storyteller. She will have you hooked within the first few pages... I enjoyed this book by M. Jean Pike and can not wait to read another. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a sweet, well written, clean, love story."
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