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From the Dust

From the Dust


Love can be so... unexpected.


In the spring of 1935, understated beauty Eva Edwards is widowed. A blessing to be sure. Having long since left England, a rare talent for music and notions of love behind, her one focus is keeping her farm and raising a child not her own—no matter the sacrifice and struggle.


Born of wealth, veterinarian Tate Prescott Brown has come to the dust of Saskatchewan’s rural Qu’Appelle District to find independence and take possession of his farm—Eva’s farm. Now, in an effort to solve a legal misunderstanding, Tate faces a sacrifice and struggle of his own: to do what he thinks is right by Eva ... or what’s right for his heart.

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    244 pages. Paperback.


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    "...well written and the characters come to life on the page. There are many twists and turns in the story which keeps the reader looking ahead. I am anxious to read other material by this author."
    Manic Readers


    "Life is hard - and there's always someone out to make it harder. FROM THE DUST follows Eva Edwards as she tries to run her farm and raise her adopted child. Tate Prescott Brown has come to her farm to claim what he believes is rightfully his - the farm that Eva calls hers. A legal conflict ensues as both try to do what they believe is the correct thing. FROM THE DUST is a charming historical romance novel, highly recommended to fans and community library romance collections."
    Midwest Book Review


    "The time is 1935 and the setting is remote Saskatchewan. The central character is a woman of achievement who has left all that behind, an intelligent woman who has been reduced to the essentials, and is ready to fight to keep what little she has. Rich in period detail and full of nicely-drawn characters, FROM THE DUST is a solid romance that also has a good deal to offer to those who don’t normally read romances."
    Dan W. Hays, Book Reviewer
    The Statesman Journal


    "Historical readers will take pleasure in the unique setting of this story and romance readers will find the blossoming relationship between Eva Edwards and Tate Brown irresistible... all the elements I love in a good historical romance... a wonderful setting, good, strong characters and a romance to take your breath away."
    Julie Kornhausl
    Simply Romance Reviews


    "The plot was so well written, and the people so endearing that it was impossible to not love this book. Her knowledge of the area, as well as her descriptions of the locale, proved her expertise and made me wish to see that beautiful countryside... a great book and a wonderful author that I will look for in the future. I highly recommend this book."
    Brenda Talley
    The Romance Studio


    "A perfect blend of history and romance, I found Ryshia Kennie’s FROM THE DUST to be a double treasure. Truly an artist with words, Ms. Kennie’s descriptions of the Saskatchewan prairie are so powerful I could almost feel the gentle prairie winds, almost taste the grit of dust on my tongue. Kennie has succeeded in creating a tender love story that touches the very heart, and an endearing cast of characters that will long live on in my memory."
    M. Jean Pike
    Author of


    "I found the cast of supporting characters believable as well, with their small town meddling, for better or worse! I laughed at the well meaning yet misguided charity of the city folk, too. This is a charming story with likeable main characters. Tate is a different hero than the usual take-no-prisoners type. It's quite refreshing."
    Long & Short Reviews


    Ryshia Kennie

  • ISBN

    978-0-9793252-6-7 paperback

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