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Where her heart is, there will she be also ...


Deep in a box of used books, counselor Tory Sasser comes across a novel without an ending: Heatherfield. As she reads the story of scarred war veteran, Jake Benjamin, her tears fall on the pages—and she could swear new words appear where once there was nothing.


But the fictional town of Heatherfield isn’t all it seems, nor is its creator, Destiny Paige. When Tory’s car runs off the road into the mist, she’s transported back to the 1940s—into the novel, trapped by the spirits that govern the place through Destiny. Even more, Tory is caught by the honest warmth and complicated tenderness that is Jake Benjamin.


Realizing she’s falling in love with Jake, Tory is desperate to find her way back home to reality. Yet what is more real than true love? No, Heatherfield isn’t all it seems ... not at all.

SKU: 9780979325281

    252 pages. Paperback.


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    M. Jean Pike

  • ISBN

    978-0-9793252-8-1 paperback


    "This book was an entertaining read for me from the very first page.  There was a list of characters, but everyone had their place in telling me the story as I moved through the pages.  Each character was strong and believable and they all played well off each other, even if they were villainess.  I was completely shocked with the story’s ending because I really didn’t see it coming.  I couldn’t wait to see exactly what was happening to Tory the entire time I was reading this magnificently written story.  If you’re interested in reading a Paranormal Romance with Time Travel sprinkled heavily throughout, this is definitely the story to pick up."
    Nightowl Romance Book Reviews


    "I am a huge sucker for flawed characters, twisty plots, and humongous odds, and Heatherfield has all three in abundance. Combine that with the author's clear, simple language, deft use of period slang, and good dialogue and we have a hit on our hands."
    Long & Short Reviews


    "M. Jean Pike has captured a chiller of a paranormal
    romance in her astounding tale Heatherfield... Her vision of the late forties is incredible. Mingled with flashbacks of war, beautiful mountain scenery and a horrible car accident, the images were vividly colorful and just plain stunning. This is a unique romance that will make you laugh, chill you with “gooseflesh” and bring tears to your eyes."
    Angela Steed, Author of 1080 Kiss


    "Heatherfield yields a great plot with complex characters that keep the story moving at a steady pace. I was deeply moved by Jake and what he has suffered during the war. Tory is a refreshing woman who had me on the edge of my seat wondering her outcome in this story with the past and the present. M. Jean Pike weaves a spellbinding page-turner read. The story is beautifully told."
    Cherokee Sanders
    Coffee Time Romance


    "Heatherfield is an interesting paranormal tale with a unique and surprising ending. That the ending caught me unawares is an understatement, in fact, Heatherfield reminded me of a TWILIGHT ZONE episode ... The romance between Tory and Jake is delightful and the descriptions of Heatherfield and its populace are so vibrant, that I felt transported there."
    Marlene Breakfield
    Paranormal Romance Reviews


    "M. Jean Pike is an amazing author.  Her stories are magical, emotional and romantic.  I could read them over and over.  Her new release, Heatherfield, is another beautiful story and one that I highly recommend. It is a rare thing to find an author who knows how to reach out to her readers and draw them into the story. Heatherfield by M. Jean Pike is a treasure and it is a book that I recommend everyone read!"
    Julie Kornhausl
    Simply Romance Reviews


    "Don't you just love it when a story pulls you in right from the beginning? That's definitely this one. Stories like Heatherfield are rare gems and I loved it from beginning to end. The plot is wonderfully interesting and the pacing of it is really well done. Absolutely a must read!"
    Manic Readers

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