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Hunted Mate

Hunted Mate


The prophecy said she belonged to a stranger …


For decades, the Wolf and Cat Shifter Clans of Washington State have been kept in peace by an uneasy truce and a favor owed between their leaders. At last, Damian is calling in that debt, and with it, his natural enemy Logan Cross has just become entrusted with the most precious of tasks: to retrieve the prophesied mate of the Wolf Prince and protect her from all others.


… She had other ideas.


Tara Stuart has always known of the powers that came with her birthright, powers that could either unite or destroy depending on the mate at her side to help wield them. She’s been trained in the magick, her skills honed. But she would run far and fast before letting primal, seductive Logan Cross deliver her to a complete stranger. She believes her destiny lies elsewhere, maybe even with Logan.

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    164 pages. Paperback.


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    Kari Thomas

  • ISBN

    978-1-934912-03-4 paperback


    "Wow! Even if you do not ordinarily read paranormal, HUNTED MATE is a fantastic love story – one not to be missed. The wolf and cat shape-shifters add a mystic to the happenings that pull Tara Stuart into an intriguing power struggle of which she is unaware... Kari Thomas’ writing flows so seamlessly, the reader is swept into the current of events that rush along pell-mell as they transport the reader into a world of cat, wolf, and human activities that fascinate. HUNTED MATE is a joy to read, a novel that takes the reader on an emotional journey far away from the day-to-day world."
    Long & Short Reviews


    "HUNTED MATE is an immensely enjoyable read. Kari Thomas adds a fresh new twist to the realm of the shifter world. As a reader, I look forward to other tales involving Logan and Tara’s experiences. I recommend this book to anyone interested in the paranormal romance, shifters, fantasy and supernatural genres." TCM Reviews Midwest Book Reviews


    "I absolutely loved this story. I was so unsure in the beginning of HUNTED MATE who to pull for. Did I want Tara with the noble, attractive and dark Damien? Or should I pull for the passionate, hunky and rugged Logan? Thomas knows how to create a setting because I could picture it in my mind and the story got me hooked. ...The chemistry between Tara and Logan is intense and I loved the passion between them. The way they meet is creative and humorous. I could see the sparks fly before they did and the warmth that Logan gives Tara; I wish I could put it in my pocket and take it out when I needed it... More readers need to know who Kari Thomas is because she has talent. She is an awesome writer and I hope to see more paranormal stories from her."
    Dark Angel Reviews  


    "Kari Thomas is making her mark in paranormal, writing a shapeshifter story that touches your heart and soul. With HUNTED MATE she has created a love story between two honor-bound characters, Logan and Tara, leaving the reader cursing the unfairness and rooting for a solution. After reading this page-turner, I'll be looking for future works from this talented author."
    Patricia Rasey, Author of KISS OF DECEIT and FACADE


    "HUNTED MATE by Kari Thomas is a sensual, exciting, paranormal romance which tests the boundaries of loyalty, trust, honor, different shifter species, and the love of a woman and a half man, half beast.  Travel an exciting path and be swept away in a world beyond our own."
    Angela Verdenius, Author of SOUL OF A PREDATOR


    "This is an interesting story full of both wolf and cat shifters. I was totally on Tara's side from the beginning. Who would want to go from a life of independence and luxury to become the Queen of a guy who turns into a wolf and lives in a cave? Logan, in true cat style, is pretty sneaky and determined to get his own way. He tries to ignore the chemistry between them to pay his debt to a man he respects, but Tara is just too much for him. I really enjoyed this story. The characters are very vivid and the settings are so well described that the reader will have no problem picturing them."
    Coffee Time Romance


    "In HUNTED MATE, Thomas spins a unique shapeshifter mythology filled with sexiness and suspense. I hope there's more to come!"
    Author Caridad Scordato Pineiro


    "HUNTED MATE is filled with surprising twists, turns and reversals that could have had the reader tossing the book into the corner, but Ms. Thomas makes each one believable while still inserting humor in what could have become a very dark story. A delightful book to curl up with and enjoy at the beach, or on a rainy afternoon."
    Simply Romance Reviews


    "From the very first page, Ms. Thomas’s book grabbed my attention.  Packed full of excitement and sexual tension, it’ll have you on the edge of your seat, turning each page to see what happens next.  She’s created a spectacular world of shifters, weaving their lives right into the midst of normal humans.  But be forewarned, you might just lose your own heart to the dashing cat prince, Logan, a commanding man who’s not only gallant in his duty, but show’s how willing he is to test even the Fates themselves for the chance of true love."
    Author Shannon Leigh


    "The characters captivated me from the first page and the way the author laid the ground work for her story was just right. It didn't take me long at all to be completely engrossed in this story. Tara's spunk was refreshing and I found Logan to be just delicious. The danger and suspense kept me reading while the romance and the passion kept me dreaming. Very good book!"
    The Romance Studio


    " emotionally charged, action-packed journey of life. Ms. Thomas brings her characters to life, pulling us into the world of both the Cat and Wolf clans. Tara Stuart -- brave and stubborn, yet naïve -- astounds us with her selflessness in accepting her true calling. Logan Cross melts hearts with his unfaltering honor and impressive moral ethics. Turning the pages has never been sweeter as I watched life and passion blaze between this riveting pair. My heart stopped.  I was half-scared to turn the page, wanting the outcome to be what I perceived. I do look forward to reading another of this talented author’s books in the near future."
    Two Lips Reviews


    "HUNTED MATE tells a powerful and compelling story of four people who face forbidden love, the darkness of greed, the lust for power, and the power of faith and selflessness. Logan, Damian, Tara and Emily all face a loveless future, yet Tara’s compassion for others and her desire to do what’s right for the shifter clans offer a glimpse at a future filled with possibilities. Kari Thomas’s novel will keep readers enthralled as they try to figure a way to a happy ending, but Ms. Thomas gives nothing away and makes the reader search for answers to the last page. Bravo. This is a novel worth picking up and reading more than once. If you’re looking for a sexy, shifter fantasy that will having you hoping for a way to overcome destiny, then buy HUNTED MATE."
    Got Romance Reviews

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