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Lily in Bloom

Lily in Bloom


Stunning older woman.
Mysterious younger man.
A garden of infinite possibilities …


The terms of fifty-year-old Lily McVay’s divorce settlement are quirky at best: live in her ex-husband’s ancestral mausoleum of a house, restore her dead ex-mother-in-law’s renowned garden, and host the small Gulf Coast town’s overblown annual soiree. Lily needs help in the worst way.


Aided and abetted by her “I’ll help bury the body, no questions asked” friends, an octogenarian neighbor with a sixth sense, and a gardening genius named Will, Lily sets out to lay old ghosts to rest and grow a new life. Not only is handsome thirty-something Will determined to save Lily from horticultural disaster, but the bond between them may prove that more is starting to bloom than just the garden.

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    220 pages. Paperback.


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    Margaret P. Cunningham

  • ISBN

    978-1-934912-02-7 paperback


    "Margaret P. Cunningham produces a complex, heartfelt story that makes you smile. The characters are lively, warm and charming. The plot is simple but strong. The secrets of the garden, house and characters keep you intrigued and wanting more. Eloquently written, LILY IN BLOOM is a proud moment for Cunningham!"
    Manic Readers


    "This is a wonderfully quirky story, with friendship, love, a little paranormal and lots of weirdness tossed in for good measure.  I found myself smiling as I read about the antics of these characters, and teared up a time or two as well.... Even if you don’t have a love of flowers you won’t be able to help but fall in love with this charming book."
    Simply Romance Reviews


    "A fine southern story told in fine southern style, LILY IN BLOOM is as funny as it is rich in character and emotion.  It's almost a coming-of-age story, only the protagonist isn't a teenager, she's fifty years old.  Call it a coming-of-age all over again with insight borne of life already lived."
    Michael Knight, Multi-Published Author and Creative Writing Director, University of TN


    "This story has a very strong plot. I loved Lily’s friends Helen and Marilee and how three women so different could be so close. Will is a wonderful character and he got better when he decided to grow up. In the end, both the garden and Lily get a wonderful new life free of old debris and weeds."
    Coffee Time Romance


    "LILY IN BLOOM is a treat. The characters struggle with many of life’s problems, but Cunningham shepherds them through these difficulties with a style of writing that is eloquent and totally engaging. Southern humor weaves its way among the trials and tribulations to add even more delight to the story... More than that, she brought in Lily’s friends and neighbors to make my visit a heartwarming experience... Oh, how much fun it would be to tell you about the wonders of the garden’s rebirth and the birth of a friendship and a romance with all the pitfalls. However, I’ll let you find the joy by reading about them in the very well written work of Margaret Cunningham as she reveals the spellbinding story of how a May-December relationship blooms as the worrisome problems of life are resolved."
    Long & Short Reviews


    "There was an awful lot to love about this book. The premise was delightful, and the many interesting plot twists had me eagerly turning the pages to see how things would all work out for this star-crossed couple. I enjoyed the interaction between Lily and her middle-aged, well meaning friends, Helen and Marilee, and I thought the author did a wonderful job of developing the romance between Lily and Will. Her offbeat sense of humor and obvious love of gardening were woven throughout this beautifully written story. I would recommend LILY IN BLOOM to anyone who likes romance sprinkled with humor."
    Working Girl Reviews

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