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Mirror Blue

Mirror Blue


He’s her first chance at love.
She’s his last.


Free spirit Aphra Porter never thought Isaac Lightfoot would remember the letter she wrote to him years before. But by some miracle, he does. Now a successful Web site designer in her thirties, Aphra meets the man whose writing talents she’s always idolized—an encounter that leaves her spinning. No longer is Isaac a distant image, but a flesh and blood man who looks at her like no one has looked at her before.


A critically acclaimed author and Vietnam war hero, Isaac is one tough bear of a man. Faced with the physical and emotional scars of war, a relationship with a daunting age difference, and an ex-wife bent on tearing Aphra from his life, he’s about to learn that leaving the past behind and building a new life can be the toughest battle of all.

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    188 pages. Paperback.


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    "Thomma Grindstaff's work is more slowly paced and introspective than much in the way of today's romances, yet the many layers of depth here have appeal. The story is plausible, and the characters' interaction and growth is both plausible and pleasurable. Grindstaff's work offers a certain insightful, even visceral understanding of the human heart."
    Long & Short Reviews


    "The story and plot were very well written ... Isaac and Aphra fall in love easily and quickly when he hires her to revamp his dull web site. They struggle through typical relationship woes: ex-spouses, children, communication issues, other people who want to interfere in the relationship. The biggest issue of the relationship is the 20-year age difference between them. The story really has you rooting for Aphra and Isaac to work everything out and to become a strong couple.

    You can’t help but love all the characters in this book, even the cats and Isaac’s ex-wife Norma. I won’t give too much away but prepare to sit down and read this in one sitting, it will suck you in that much!"

    "...a touching literary love story and beautifully written debut book, MIRROR BLUE pulls together two charming southern characters, Aphra and Isaac, despite obstacles of self-doubt, fears and outside hostilities. Ms. Grindstaff gives a rare and poignant gift to her readers."
    Author Kim Michele Richardson


    "In MIRROR BLUE, Thomma Lyn tackles many issues through credible characters that women can relate to on many levels, including the search for love, ex-wives, step-children, family, and age differences in relationships... Thomma Lyn Grindstaff writes women’s fiction most remarkably: from her vivid descriptions and scenic effects to the surge of feelings you can only experience by reading her words. It is not only a journey for the heroine of her novel, Aphra Porter; it’s a journey for every woman who reads her book. And you’ll love the ending!"
    Author Marwa Ayad


    "...a beautiful romance with refreshingly original characters."
    Author Alissa Johnson


    Thomma Lyn Grindstaff

  • ISBN

    978-1-934912-16-4 paperback

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