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One Man's Music

One Man's Music


The music stirred her blood.


As a child, Jenna Adams uses the lush, symphonic music and mesmerizing photograph of internationally renowned composer, Eric Ries, as a means to escape her parents’ bitter divorce. Vocally gifted and emotionally neglected, Jenna turns eighteen and enrolls in a prestigious music conservatory where she becomes friends with Eric’s piano virtuoso daughter.


But which man touched her soul?


A whirlwind of lust and energy, Eric Ries becomes a very real presence in Jenna’s life, offering up seduction, fame, excitement, and most of all music. By her mid-twenties, Jenna’s passion for music is thoroughly entwined with her obsession for Eric. When she meets manager Josh Kendal, she catches a glimpse of depth and sincerity, of kindness and dependability—and Jenna is torn between the temptations that have shaped her life and the kind of love she’s never had.

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    240 pages. Paperback.


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    "A unique blend of music, obsession, and a young girl's coming of age. You can almost hear the music wafting from the pages and feel the bittersweet struggle between love and obsession - a touching sonnet for the soul."
    Debby Schoeningh, Editor - The Record-Courier


    "It was a pleasure to read One Man’s Music for many reasons.  First, it’s rare to read a novel about music and musicians where all the musical references are totally accurate and believable, where one doesn’t have to make the allowances of 'it could never really have happened that way,' or something comparable. More than that, however, Christina’s book is witty, emotional, and written with extreme personal insight into her characters.  The reader relates to everyone in the novel, and finds some redeeming quality in the entire cast.  I found myself laughing out loud, crying real tears, and living true angst from beginning to end.  Christina is a first-class novelist.  I can’t wait to read the sequel."
    William Shookhoff, Artistic Director, Opera by Request, Toronto; Former Conductor, Les Miserables and Phantom of the Opera, Canadian National Companies


    "...a very entertaining read. The author is a trained musician, and it shows in her work as she allows the reader to hear the perfomances she describes. Jenna's desire for love and acceptance are heartbreaking, and it is easy to sympathize with her search for the right man. Readers will be immediately drawn into the story, and will find it hard to leave until the dramatic conclusion. This novel is recommended to romance lovers, and they will certainly not be disappointed."
    Manic Readers


    "The reason why I loved the book so much: the relationships in the book.  We see Jenna make a few friends and even have a boyfriend along the way.  When Josh enters the picture it really starts to heat up.  I wanted to know where their relationship was going.  I also like the fact Jenna's mother gets better as Jenna ages.  Eric is great with music and Jenna, they are both fighting demons along the way.  Who will Jenna chose Eric or Josh?  It was fun to find out."
    Bab's World of Book Reviews


    Christina Britton Conroy

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