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Remembering Erin

Remembering Erin


The heart remembers
what the mind forgets.


After surviving a vicious bear attack, Sean Mulaney awakens in an Anchorage, Alaska hospital with a veil over his memories. Erin is the name he whispers in his sleep. Baffling to those around him is the identity of the woman who clings to the edges of his mind and the reason she’s not at his bedside.


As the veil lifts, Sean pieces together stories of passionate love, plans made, and a dream ripped apart. In the midst of his recovery, the greatest survival story of all might be that of a love lost seventeen years earlier—a love destined to be again.

SKU: 9781934912157

    180 pages. Paperback.


    No refunds or returns once order is processed with the exception of damaged products.


    Ships within 3 days.


    "An absorbing story of loss, regret and wisdom gained, this love story is both penetrating and painful, yet also hopeful."
    Author Lew Freedman


    "...the first book that I've read cover to cover in a very long time. Parts of it were laugh-out-loud funny. The characters were brash, smart and funny. A love story on a grand scale. Don't we all want to take a mulligan and go back to try to recapture that first great love?"
    Julie Stricker, Editor
    The Fairbanks Daily News-Miner


    John Foley

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