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Seducing the Laird

Seducing the Laird


Love is the truest of all treasures…

Beautiful and skilled, Verena is the perfect temptress for hire—and the ruthless English Lord Gundy knows it. When she’s sent to seduce Cairn McPherson—Gundy’s enemy and key to a fabled Scottish treasure—Verena never expects her prey to be such a brave, honorable man. And she never expects to have to choose between her family of spies and the one man who could win her love.


Nearly destitute, Cairn is set on raising his once-thriving clan from the ashes. His final hope is the lost McPherson treasure, rumored to be hidden somewhere in his dead father’s castle. Though she has nursed him back to health, can he really trust Verena to stand loyally by his side—or is there a treachery in her heart that could destroy the McPhersons once and for all?

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    266 pages. Paperback.


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    "This story didn't disappoint, sexy as hell Cairn McPherson stole the show with his good looks, protective instincts and honor. He takes care of his clan whether he wanted the job to lead or not, he is brave and a hero (swoon). Verena is a beautiful, feisty, smart-as-a-whip woman who just wants a home and family, although she won't admit that to anyone. She's a master with a knife too. What a perfect match these two are. Great cast of characters and story; it has intrigue, mystery and love - this book has it all. 4 stars."
    Up all Night, Read all Day Book Reviews


    "Thrilling, intelligent, sensuous and filled with emotional swings and plot twists..."
    Author Kevin Shelby


    "Lauren Marrero is a talented new writer as evidenced by her debut historical novel SEDUCING THE LAIRD ... an exciting and well-plotted adventure, leading to unexpected romance."
    Authors Lorna and Larry Collins


    Lauren Marrero

  • ISBN

    978-1-934912-40-9 paperback

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