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The Fortune Teller's Garden

The Fortune Teller's Garden


She sold hope …


In the sleepy seaside town of Cobweb Corners, Keighley Woodson tells fortunes from her grandparents’ old Victorian home. Hidden inside the safety of her lush tea garden, stone paths, paintings, and the love of everyone who knows her, she has everything she needs—except a forever romance to call her own.


And maybe a little magic.


Driven by pain, reporter Connor Jakes is bent on exposing the frauds inside New England’s psychic industry. But Keighley is no fraud, that much is plain to see. Her beauty stirs him. The way she guides those in trouble back toward their dreams touches his soul. Maybe, just maybe, he’ll find in her a dream he thought he’d given up on long ago.

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    148 pages. Paperback.


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    Frances DeleCourt Winters

  • ISBN

    978-1-934912-68-3 paperback


    "Quite the most charming story I've read in quite a while.  Keighley's grandmother is a renowned fortune teller. She and her grandmother had different styles of reading fortunes and she's quite lonely. She's quite great at telling others what they need to hear, but you know how it is… you know what's good for others, but not for yourself. In walks Connor Jakes, a journalist, dead set on exposing Keighley as a fraud. The problem… there was a spark. 

    I thought this was quite magical. Their interactions were beautiful. While everything between them was subtle, it was sweet. It was a fun read and I adored every minute of it."
    -The Romance Reviews


    "I have one word for this book ...YES! By now, you may have noticed that I don't just give out 5 stars will-nilly. To me, a 5 star book has to touch me, heart and soul. I was not expecting to be so moved and blown away by this book but I absolutely was. This is an elegantly written love story about the magic found in everything and everyone around us. It was sweet, witty, and wise and I ate it up like decadent chocolate, savoring every last bite. The imagery was enchanting and I could practically smell the lavender from the garden and taste the sea salt in the air. Our main character Keighley, has followed in the family tradition. Like her grandmother before, she is the local fortune teller, not to ever be mistaken as a psychic. But this is just one of the many talents that she possesses. She is intuitive and lovely and a treasure among the towns people. An unexpected reading with a handsome stranger has her considering a future she never thought likely. Except this wasn't just a chance meeting and our handsome stranger, Connor, is a writer and has come to Keighley to gather more evidence for a scathing article condemning those in the "fortune telling" profession. They have both lived through tragedy and loss and are blindsided by the instant connection and affection that they feel for each other. Through some emotional ups and downs, they must decide whether or not to embrace the magic of love and forgiveness. I absolutely adored this book and was bewitched with Ms. Winter's writing style. It was music to my ears and affected me deeply. I experienced every emotion as I read this story and spent the last few chapters in tears; tears of anguish and heart-break that turned into tears of pure joy. Although Keighley is adamant that there is nothing magical about what she does, there is so much magic in this book. In these pages, we are reminded that there is magic in the favorite past-times we keep, in the home we hang our hat, in the relationships we make and nurture and in the hope for a happily ever after. This was such a fantastic and heart-felt read! I can't recommend it enough."
    -The Paranormal Peach Reviews

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