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The Ghost: The Murder of Police Chief Greg Adams and the Hunt for his Killer

The Ghost: The Murder of Police Chief Greg Adams and the Hunt for his Killer

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How could such a dark secret have been kept for so many years?


Police Chief Greg Adams was out on patrol. Christmas was coming to Saxonburg, Pennsylvania—a quaint borough of just 1,300—in three short weeks. The winter air was crisp. Colored lights sparkled on houses. He was only a block and a half from the Police Department, and this was just an average traffic stop.


Until it wasn’t.


The devoted husband and father of two little boys was about to meet any law enforcement officer’s nightmare. Moments later, he would lay dying in a pool of his own blood on that white winter snow, while his killer vanished like an apparition into thin air.


Despite his many aliases, the true identity of the murderer was quickly found. The killer himself, was not. As State Police and FBI investigators peeled back the twisted layers of low-level mobster Donald Webb’s life, the path to the killer would wind through decades … toward a shocking conclusion. After all, secrets can only be kept for so long.

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    242 pages. Paperback.


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    “Gripping! Incredible storytelling. Maureen has a way of taking you through every moment of this real-life drama. A story told with compassionate truth, and dazzling detail.”
    — Jerry Penacoli, former host of EXTRA


    “Maureen Boyle’s journalism experience shines in her impeccably researched books--and her storytelling skills are stellar!”
    —Hank Phillippi Ryan USA Today Bestselling Author


    “The author of Shallow Graves does it again. With the trained eye of a seasoned police reporter, Maureen Boyle gathers the pertinent facts, amassing details and connecting the dots as she chronicles the search for a cop killer with mob ties and many aliases who eluded the law for decades. The Ghost is another meticulous work of true-crime narrative nonfiction from a journalist who always gets it right. The Ghost is a haunting story of justice delayed but never forgotten.”
    —Irene Virag, Pulitzer Prize-winning reporter and Assistant Dean at Stony Brook University


    “Maureen Boyle is everything a true crime writer should be. Tenacious. Unrelenting. And empathetic. Her new book The Ghost examines the nationwide manhunt for a low-level wannabe mobster on the run from the longest cold case murder in history—the brutal execution of a young police officer in a tiny Pennsylvania town. It is a riveting thriller that takes us on this chase for the man the FBI called a ‘flashy dresser, a lover of dogs, and a big tipper.’ I cannot recommend it enough.”
    —Michele McPhee, author of Mayhem, A Mob Story, When Evil Rules


    “It may seem the work of fiction that a career criminal, having committed a notorious murder and under pursuit by multiple police agencies, could simply disappear. Yet it happened, and Maureen Boyle’s compelling narrative of this real-life “ghost,” and the close calls and frustrations of police who so badly wanted to nab him, will keep you reading as you, too, wonder how one can apparently vanish from the earth. This engrossing book, all true, will make you feel as if you are yourself part of the chase. Buckle up.”
    —Gary Craig, author Seven Million: A Cop, a Priest, a Soldier for the IRA and The Still Unsolved Rochester Brink’s Heist


    “Meticulously reported and beautifully written, with tragic characters and bizarre plot twists that would be hard to believe if they weren’t real. Once again, Maureen Boyle’s superb journalistic skills have produced a gripping and unforgettable true-crime story that you won’t be able to put down.”
    —Elaine McArdle, co-author of The Neuroscientist Who Lost Her Mind, The Migraine Brain and senior editor at UU World Magazine


    “Boyle once again demonstrates her gifts for meticulous reporting and gripping narrative while never losing sight of the real human lives and emotions at stake. Ghost is as compelling—and cautionary —as true-crime gets.”
    —Chris Gonsalves, author of Haunted Love


    Maureen Boyle

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