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The Government We Deserve: The Hard Truth from Behind the Curtain...

The Government We Deserve: The Hard Truth from Behind the Curtain...


If you thought you knew Oregon's political landscape, you might be wrong.


From our nation’s forebears such as Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, to the Bible, Americans have long heard some version of the old adage that the government we elect is the government we deserve.


Raised on a cattle ranch in eastern Oregon, and a staunch conservative at heart, Kerry McQuisten had always had the rebellious thought, “Well, I sure don’t deserve what we have now!”


By 2021, Oregon had suffered nearly four decades of Democrat rule, finally with no separation of powers—a fact made all the more evident by then-Governor Kate Brown’s catastrophic failures in response to COVID. Kerry ran for local office, and was elected Mayor of Baker City, a city of 10,000 souls nestled in the rugged and scenic northeast part of the state. Her unique stand as Mayor launched her, her fellow councilors, and Baker City into the national Fox News spotlight.


After a groundswell of requests from around the state, she ran as a true grassroots candidate on the Republican ticket for Governor of Oregon in the 2022 Primary Election. A small-business owner and single mom, her campaign through all 36 Oregon counties brought her into the orbit of national figures like NRA’s Vice President Willes Lee; President Trump’s election integrity go-to expert Dr. Kelli Ward; David Bossie; Eric Trump—and more!


Now, for the first time since the 2022 Primary, she comes forward with the hard truths of why Oregon’s Republicans lost their best chance in decades to win back the Governor’s seat. From her vantage point behind the political curtain, she witnessed how to prevent a loss like that from happening again. But will people listen?


This book is a ride through Oregon’s swamp, dirty lobbyists, corrupt media, push polls, pseudo patriots who really aid the left, a voting infrastructure built for fraud, voter apathy—and yet also some of the best, salt-of-the-Earth fighters a person will ever be lucky enough to meet.

Most of all, THE GOVERNMENT WE DESERVE is a love letter to Oregon voters—and a road map for change.


    276 pages.


    No refunds or returns once order is processed with the exception of damaged products.


    Hardcover ships within 5 days. Paperback ships within 3 days.


    “While election corruption and voter manipulation may look somewhat different between Arizona and Oregon, once you’ve run for statewide office, it’s impossible to unsee the similar sabotage that America First, grassroots candidates face from the swamp everywhere. THE GOVERNMENT WE DESERVE is a must-read. It’s a look into the world of politics that will shock the average voter.”
    —Kari Lake, 2022 Arizona Republican gubernatorial nominee and former television anchor


    “In her explosive new book, Kerry doesn’t just give the reader a glimpse behind the curtain. She tears down the walls and exposes the power players in the shambles of Republican politics in Oregon who would rather remain in the shadows. She reveals all the sordid details of the attacks she faced when she ran a grassroots campaign for governor—and she names names. Attacks from members of one’s own party are, sadly, par for the course in conservative Oregon politics. For decades, Republicans haven’t been able to get out of their own way long enough to mount a serious challenge to the state’s corrupt Democratic machine. Kerry gives you a guided tour, from her first-person perspective on the campaign trail, to the corruption, infiltration by opposing forces, and smear campaigns designed to derail anybody who doesn’t suck up to the Salem swamp. Anyone who wonders why Republicans have lost Oregon to the forces of communism needs to read this book!”
    —Jeff Reynolds, author of the book BEHIND THE CURTAIN, columnist for PJ Media, former Chair of the Multnomah County Republican Party (2010-14), voting member of the Oregon Republican Party Executive Committee 2012-2020, cofounder of the Oregon Tea Party PAC, and cofounder of the political consulting firm American Strategies.


    “From corrupt political players to the certain need for honest elections, Kerry McQuisten’s THE GOVERNMENT WE DESERVE doesn’t just give a first-person witnessing, it ends with a plan for how to get Republicans who love America elected in Oregon. I hope conservatives everywhere pick up a copy of this book, find their own God-given strengths - and are inspired to fight for our freedoms.”
    —Mike Lindell, founder and CEO of My Pillow,
    author of
    WHAT ARE THE ODDS, philanthropist and political activist


    “THE GOVERNMENT WE DESERVE is a true winner! An inspiring perspective from the front lines of a tumultuous ongoing political battle. An experienced and principled leader, Kerry shares firsthand the divisiveness and triumphs she faced as a gubernatorial candidate. She reveals the magnitude of failed leadership in a virtuous endeavor—saving the Oregon she and so many love. This book will give you valuable insight with a broad perspective in a very challenging political climate. A must-read for those who share the desire in saving our Republic.”
    —Amy Ryan Courser, 2020 Oregon Republican Congressional nominee; political commentator and host of Amy Across America; former Keizer, Oregon city councilor; Oregon Women’s Show 2014 Woman of the Year; small business owner and advocate.


    “The gloves are off in this no-holds-barred book. If you ever wanted to know all the juicy details, the seedy dealings, and what really happens behind the scenes of an Oregon political race, it’s all in here. Kerry helps us see why it’s so difficult to get a conservative elected in Oregon, and many will be shocked to learn it’s not just because of the Democrats. I could hardly put this book down. The swamp is full of creatures, and she battled them all.”
    —Jean Hogan-Sampson, former city councilor of Clatskanie, Oregon


    “During one of the most tumultuous times in American history and U.S. politics, Kerry McQuisten took on the machine. First as a small town mayor standing up against unAmerican mandates, and then as a feisty, fearless candidate for Oregon governor. I saw many similarities in her story as in my own. The issues within our system of electing ‘leaders’ in our country are tarnished and widespread, not only affecting one jurisdiction, but touching every state in our nation. Through it all, Kerry stood strong. She’ll never sit down, shut up, or be shamed for fighting for what makes America great. This is a must-read book!”
    —Dr. Kelli Ward, former Arizona state senator, U.S. senate candidate and Chairwoman of the Arizona Republican Party; author of two
    best-selling books,


    “THE GOVERNMENT WE DESERVE is a must-read for anyone of integrity considering a run for office. Kerry brings us up close to her journey as businesswoman/mom so tired of political nonsense that she takes over as mayor of her decidedly ‘non-Portland’ city. When the COVID tyranny becomes unbearable and few fight back, she takes her principled passion for freedom across Oregon in a heroic run for Governor. Her writing is so vivid it brings to life each event and every colorful character along the way—the good, the bad and the ugly! That a woman of this talent, substance and character was willing to serve Oregon is a rare and precious thing. I see Kerry McQuisten for AMERICA in our future.”
    —Patti Lyman, RNC National Committeewoman for Virginia and constitutional attorney


    “Kerry McQuisten manages to weave together a story of both perseverance and tenacity while simultaneously displaying grace and kindness … and her authenticity shines through on every page. THE GOVERNMENT WE DESERVE is a perfect gift for someone you’d like to see run for office.”
    —Lori Hinz, RNC National Committeewoman for North Dakota, host of “No Apologies” on BEK News


    Kerry McQuisten

  • ISBN

    979-8-9865124-4-0 hardcover, dust jacket. 979-8986512457 paperback.

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