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The Government We Deserve: The Hard Truth from Behind the Curtain...

The Government We Deserve: The Hard Truth from Behind the Curtain...


If you thought you knew Oregon's political landscape, you might be wrong.


From our nation’s forebears such as Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson, to the Bible, Americans have long heard some version of the old adage that the government we elect is the government we deserve.


Raised on a cattle ranch in eastern Oregon, and a staunch conservative at heart, Kerry McQuisten had always had the rebellious thought, “Well, I sure don’t deserve what we have now!”


By 2021, Oregon had suffered nearly four decades of Democrat rule, finally with no separation of powers—a fact made all the more evident by then-Governor Kate Brown’s catastrophic failures in response to COVID. Kerry ran for local office, and was elected Mayor of Baker City, a city of 10,000 souls nestled in the rugged and scenic northeast part of the state. Her unique stand as Mayor launched her, her fellow councilors, and Baker City into the national Fox News spotlight.


After a groundswell of requests from around the state, she ran as a true grassroots candidate on the Republican ticket for Governor of Oregon in the 2022 Primary Election. A small-business owner and single mom, her campaign through all 36 Oregon counties brought her into the orbit of national figures like NRA’s Vice President Willes Lee; President Trump’s election integrity go-to expert Dr. Kelli Ward; David Bossie; Eric Trump—and more!


Now, for the first time since the 2022 Primary, she comes forward with the hard truths of why Oregon’s Republicans lost their best chance in decades to win back the Governor’s seat. From her vantage point behind the political curtain, she witnessed how to prevent a loss like that from happening again. But will people listen?


This book is a ride through Oregon’s swamp, dirty lobbyists, corrupt media, push polls, pseudo patriots who really aid the left, a voting infrastructure built for fraud, voter apathy—and yet also some of the best, salt-of-the-Earth fighters a person will ever be lucky enough to meet.

Most of all, THE GOVERNMENT WE DESERVE is a love letter to Oregon voters—and a road map for change.