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The Medallion of Solaus

The Medallion of Solaus


A Darkly Enchanted Artifact.
A Passion to Outlast the Centuries.


Solaus had but one wish of the medallion: to save his dying bride. But when he placed the pendant around his neck, his wish was changed by a malevolent twist of magic that made him Djinn, but also took away the knowledge of what he is and who he used to be. Flung from Ancient Persia into immortality, Solaus has only the memory that he did not save his true love—and nothing more as time begins to pass.


Eager for a fresh start, New York City photographer, Kaitlin Sommers accepts a rare assignment on a deserted island fortress off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt. Surrounded by the shadowy underworld of illegal treasure smuggling, Kaitlin finds herself in the arms of man who seems to spring directly from dreams of her past—a man Fate threatens to tear her away from a second time.

SKU: 9780979325236

    176 pages. Paperback.


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    Kimberly Adkins

  • ISBN

    978-0-9793252-3-6 paperback


    "Ms. Adkins does a wonderful job of transporting Kaitlin and the reader to lush, exotic Ancient Persia, if only in dreams... The reader will quickly be drawn in by legends and lore created in this novel. They are so well done, that it gives the book a really intricate sense of mysticism."
    Long and Short Reviews


    "An exotic, sultry story, THE MEDALLION OF SOLAUS captivates and thrills. Suspenseful intrigue flaunts the well designed, though mystery-laden plot, just encouraging one to keep reading....a delightful story filled with thrilling adventures and mesmerizing characters."
    Pamela Jenewein
    Romance at Heart Magazine


    "With the penning of this novel, Ms. Adkins is definitely on her way to being the ultimate paranormal princess... This reviewer highly recommends this book. THE MEDALLION OF SOLAUS is the type of tale true love and legends are spun from—timeless and magically beautiful."
    Janalee Ruschhaupt
    Paranormal Romance (PNR) Reviews


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