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The Sea's Embrace

The Sea's Embrace


Her heart would guide him home.


Architectural mastermind Katherine Shaw has left her career in the States behind to follow a passion for antiquity to The London Museum for Art and Archeology. During a museum excursion, a controversial relic is pulled from the ocean depths—a relic containing a mystery to which she is inexplicably joined.


His home might claim her life.


Born of the old gods, punished and locked away from love, Derrick has crossed seas of time to find Katherine. Chosen as the guardian of his land’s magic, he knows what Katherine doesn’t: her own mysterious origin and the danger she faces because of it. As they travel together in a place only heard of in legends, enemies and darkness surround them—until an unthinkable decision threatens the very magic that has brought them love.

SKU: 9781934912096

    200 pages. Paperback.


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    Angela Steed

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    "In her wonderfully mystical tale, THE SEA'S EMBRACE, Angela Steed has created a magical world of love and passion, of danger and deception. With a well drawn cast of colorful and unique characters, the story ebbs and flows through an amazing and unpredictable plot that will keep the reader guessing until the very end. The author’s keen attention to small details, blended with her vivid imagination bring the story to life and make it sparkle, and her ability to create tender and eloquent love scenes will delight the heart of any romance reader. I was completely charmed by this story and would recommend it to anyone who enjoys paranormal romance at its pulse pounding best!"
    Author M. Jean Pike


    "The magic, legends, and myths woven into this story get a little complicated at times but are still remarkable. As Angela Steed pulls the reader into the mystical intrigue, the ever-encroaching darkness of evil speeds up the heart rate. I found myself reading fast trying to help Katherine and Derrick escape what seemed to be sure death for them... THE SEA’S EMBRACE, an epic journey, is filled with subtle details of so many magical events found in legends and myths of old, but most of all it vibrates with the hero and heroine’s love for each other. Their tender, spellbinding lovemaking and their determination to protect one another from danger reveals a love that tanscends time... The twists and turns of the plot keeps the reader on pins and needles wondering how Katherine and Derrick can ever find their happy-ever-after. A big thank you to Angela Steed for a terrific vicarious experience in the world of the paranormal."
    Long & Short Reviews


    "THE SEA'S EMBRACE is an epic journey that draws the reader deeply and quickly into its spell. This story is truly the magical weave that legend is drawn from and the tale of Katherine and Derrick should be kept and told over and over again. Angela Steed has created a brilliant novel that I will hold close to my heart, and keep in my collection, for as long as there is magic and love in the world."
    Author Kimberly Adkins


    "THE SEA'S EMBRACE is a magical tale that sweeps readers away into a world full of magic and wonder. This story whisks readers into a story of love, mysteries, lies, and deceptions... The characters and worlds Angela Steed creates are wonderfully written."
    Coffee Time Romance


    "Katherine and Derrick are likable characters and from the beginning I wanted them to succeed in their mission and then go on to live happily-ever-after, but when the god’s are added to the mix that becomes much less likely..."
    Manic Readers

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