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Whispers in Autumn

Whispers in Autumn


To hear love whispering,
they had to listen with their hearts.

Paranormal Studies expert Dove Denning came to Shadow Lake to attend her friend Emma’s wedding. After helping the police with a brutal murder investigation, the solitude and tranquility of the lake are just what Dove needs to ease her spirit—but the spirits that whisper to her aren’t so at ease.


Struggling over the death of his daughter, Dusty is a man who has come from dark places in search of peace. As his heart turns toward Dove, the ghosts from his past turn out to be more than just figures of speech. Together, Dusty and Dove find the power of redemption, of safety from a growing danger … of love on the lake.

SKU: 9781934912249

    156 pages. Paperback.


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    M. Jean Pike

  • ISBN

    978-1-934912-24-9 paperback


    "Ms. Pike’s powerful characterizations, vivid imagery, and fast pace capture the reader from the first sentence and holds them until the last, making WHISPERS IN AUTUMN a true winner. This is not a cookie cutter romance; Ms. Pike’s attention to detail and unique storytelling ability sets this one apart. The suspense is nail-biting in intensity at times. The love scenes are beautifully done without being too graphic and the spine tingling ghostly encounters are right on.

    All the characters in WHISPERS IN AUTUMN are vibrantly alive, with their own individual flaws. The main players are likable, even lovable—generating sympathy and a true desire from the reader for them to overcome the many obstacles to their happiness. I appropriately hated the villain, but still managed to feel a tiny drop of compassion for his madness.

    This is a shorter novel and can be read in one sitting, which is good because you won’t want to stop reading once you start. But don’t let the shorter length fool you. WHISPERS IN AUTUMN is chock full of romance, paranormal activity, and suspense. There’s something for everyone and I highly recommend it to anyone who likes contemporary romance, paranormal romance, and romantic suspense."
    Working Girl Reviews


    "WHISPERS IN AUTUMN is a wonderfully romantic tale.  Dove and Dusty’s romantic chemistry was nice and I enjoyed their comfortable dialog.  Their romance was sweet and I liked the gradual build up to the romantic relationship rather than a fast and furious rush to love.  Ms. Pike does a very nice job in creating characters that are genuine in heart and very likeable."
    Fiction Vixen


    "Dusty, is no front-cover-model-of-a-man either. He is more in the style of a ‘rough diamond’ of average height and his first encounter with Dove reveals his caring and concerned nature, his courtesy. It also reveals an aspect of Dove’s personality she is trying to recover from.

    Into this old-world setting of charm and good manners and caring she drops her conflicts and sets Dove and Dusty several challenges. I have to say any man called Dusty, has a challenge from the moment of his birth, but then that’s just a personal assumption on my part. Our hero certainly rises above the challenge without any problem at all.

    The climax of the story will have you sitting on the edge of your seats, because although you know the genre requires a HEA, there are moments when you seriously wonder how Ms Pike can pull it off. Her writing is fluent and vivid. As mentioned earlier she is a superlative word-smith, and every character in this book pulses with ‘life’.

    This is the first of M. Jean Pike’s book I have read, but I will be looking out for more in future."
    Long & Short Reviews


    "I was drawn to the story from the start. I felt for Dove and Dusty; the characters were well developed. They have flaws and I liked the way they help each other to overcome them. Dove is a physic medium and very sensitive to the tortured souls, she helps the police in a case and she ends up with a stalker turning her life into a nightmare."
    Romance Alley


    "Whispers in Autumn is a feel good story that has very interesting characters. The sweet progression of Dusty and Dove's relationship was enchanting. The supernatural parts were a nice addition and flowed well. But overall it is the characters who will be remembered in this fantastic read."
    Night Owl Reviews

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