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Wilder Intentions: Love, Lies and Murder in North Dakota

Wilder Intentions: Love, Lies and Murder in North Dakota


Angila was stabbed 44 times. THIS was personal.


On a November morning in 2015, Christopher Jackson waited for his fiancée, Angila Wilder, to pick him up from work as she always did. But this time, she didn’t show—and Christopher’s calls went unanswered. The police found what looked like a scene from a horror movie at their home. The backdoor kicked in. A bedroom splattered with blood. And a pregnant young woman violently stabbed to death.


Could Christopher have murdered the woman he claimed to love? Or was the crime done by an intruder Angila had feared for weeks? Angila’s womanizing ex-husband, Richie Wilder, Jr., aimed detectives straight toward Christopher. The evidence, however, pointed squarely at Richie.


Kindergarten teacher Cynthia Wilder thought her dreams had come true when she married Richie. But while her husband sat behind bars, Cynthia grew lonely. When she shared some disturbing details with a former lover, Cynthia finally revealed the truth behind the sinister plot to kill Angila Wilder. After four years of lies and deceit, the real story would shock a community to its very core …

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     362 pages. An Amazon Kindle Bestseller!

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    “... extraordinarily well-written, and a thrilling tale." 
    —New York Times bestselling true crime author Shanna Hogan


    “Wilder Intentions, the small town, true crime story from debut author C. J. Wynn had me desperately searching for more time to turn pages. Wynn is thorough in her presentation and quickly captures the mind with a riveting pace and grisly details. There are moments when the retelling of this tragedy will puncture your heart and leave you breathless, riddled with goosebumps.”
    - Executive Producer of Good Night Live &
    Owner of the Good Talk Network, Jonah Lantto


    “Through a tragic story in North Dakota, WILDER INTENTIONS spotlights the scourge in our society of domestic abuse. C. J. Wynn takes us on a complicated, sometimes unpredictable, journey as she reveals the events leading up to the brutal murder of Angila Wilder, the investigation into those responsible, and the murder trial. Wynn is meticulous in her research and skilled at keeping the reader engaged. I couldn’t put it down.
    —Beth Karas, Investigative Reporter,
    Legal Analyst, and former Court TV correspondent


    “If you’ve ever lived in a small town, you know that everyone knows when so-and-so is caught sleeping with someone they shouldn’t be and such-and-such happened that was so baaaad. Imagine the ripple that went through Minot, N.D., when a young mother was brutally slain in her own home. Even if you’ve never lived in a small town, author C.J. Wynn’s book … puts you smack dab in Minot as the murder unfolds, resulting in a dramatic trial with a satisfying conclusion. But wait. The story doesn’t end there. To know the rest, you have to read this well-written, well-researched, true crime book.”
    —A.J. Flick, author of “Toxic Rage: A Tale of Murder in Tucson”


    “Oozing with facts and previously unpublished details, Wynn’s recounting is deep and microscopic. Not for the antsy, true crime junkies looking for a rural slow-burn will get their fix with this macabre retelling out of the great plains. A Wynn-win!”
    —- Dakota Spotlight Podcast


    C. J. Wynn

  • ISBN

    978-1934912935 paperback

    979-8986512402 hardcover

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